As COVID-19 has changed the lives of children worldwide, trick-or-treating this Halloween does not have to be a relic of the past (if appropriate safety protocols are taken into consideration). However, that means that issues of dental hygiene are as relevant as in any year, so here are some recommendations by a dental hygienist who hopes to make trick-or-treating as healthy for one’s teeth as possible.


She recommends using fluoride toothpaste, which parents should promote to their kids; using age-appropriate toothpaste, toothbrushes, and more can also be helpful given that promotions of kids’ favorite superheroes and celebrities make kids more enthusiastic about dental health. Education, likewise, is essential, as parents should describe to their children why brushing their teeth is important. Lastly, buying sugar-free toothpaste can reduce sugar consumption. 

Trick, Treat, or Education?