The internet can be a cool way to share ideas, learn new things, and stay connected with friends and family!  While it can be a lot of fun, it is important to remember a few key points to stay safe online.


Watching Videos:

  • Online sites like YouTube can provide fun ways to explore new topics or learn new things. 

  • The best way to watch videos online is if there is an adult with you.  Some videos are just for adultsAlways ask an adult before you watch a new video to make sure it is ok.  

  • If you ever see a video that makes you uncomfortable, tell an adult right away.  


Sharing Pictures/Videos:

  • Sharing pictures or videos of fun times with friends can be a fun way to make lasting memories!

  • Before taking pictures with somebody, be sure to ask for permission. Respecting the privacy of others is always most important.   

  • Don’t forget, you can always say no if you don’t feel comfortable being in someone else’s picture or video.

  • If you see a picture or video that makes you feel worried, always tell an adult and they can help.

  • Always think before you share a post.  While sending something might make you feel good, it might be hurtful to someone else.  This is why asking an adult’s permission, along with anybody in the picture/video you are sharing, is always the best way to make sure it is ok!

Talking Online:

  • Talking online with friends and family is a great way to keep in touch!

  • To stay safe online, you should only chat with people that you know in real life.

  • Sometimes people that you meet online are not who they say they are, so never talk to people who you do not know.  

  • If you are unsure whether it is ok to talk to somebody or not, ask an adult you trust!

  • If somebody says something that makes you feel bad, you do not have to reply.  Sometimes turning off your phone is the best thing to do!

  • If somebody you don’t know keeps trying to contact you, block them.  If you need help, ask an adult.  

  • Always think before you send a message.  Keep in mind that whatever you send is permanent, so be smart and respectful!


Playing Games Online:

  • There are lots of fun games online for you to play with a trusted adult’s permission.

  • Just remember that some games are only for adults, so make sure you ask a parent before playing.  

  • If a game is ever making you upset, tell an adult and close the game.


Personal Information:

  • Personal information is made up of facts about you that belong only to you.  This may include:

    • Your full name

    • Where you are from

    • Your age

    • Your school

    • Other facts about you or your family

    • Your password

  • It is important that you do not share personal information with anyone you do not know.  

  • People online may try to scam you, or use your personal information to their own benefit.  

  • If you are ever asked to share personal information online, always ask an adult for help.  

  • If you have to create a password, make sure it is something you or an adult will remember.  


Here is a fun game going over some of the key points about communicating online!

Tips for Staying Safe Online

  • Justin Bessette '22