With many children learning online due to the pandemic, the added screen time can take a toll on their health--whether it be eye strain or posture issues. Here are some screen health tips for both children and parents to implement in order to take care during these unprecedented times!


  • Tips that kids can implement

    • Remember to blink

    • Keep your brightness low

    • Sit at least 2 feet away from screen

    • Take a break from screen time every 30 min

    • Remember to sit up straight


  • Tips that parents can implement for their kids

    • Keep center of screen few inches below from eye level

    • Buy a matte screen filter (about $10)

    • Buy blue light glasses or install / use a blue light filter software (the following are all free)

      • Night Shift on iOS (built in)

      • Night Light on Windows

      • f.lux on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS

    • Add time limits for screen time

      • On iOS, under Screen Time section of settings

Screen Health Tips