Learning how to identify feelings and express them can be especially difficult for young children. It’s important to help kids understand how to express themselves appropriately, but evenmore so now in the newly stressful environment of COVID!


Kids Helpline

This source describes the various ways in which feelings/expressions work in younger children, as well as the importance of showing kids how to identify their feelings (and the accompanying benefits to doing so). Additionally, this source shares tips on how to help kids identify and express their feelings including learning how to name feelings, identifying other people’s feelings, and teaching by providing day-to-day examples. This source also discusses the importance of positive affirmation: praising kids when they successfully identify how they feel! 

Identifying and Expressing Feelings

  • Karin Ulanovsky '24

  • https://kidshelpline.com.au/parents/issues/helping-kids-identify-and-express-feelings#:~:text=Encourage%20with%20praise%20%2D%20Praise%20your,are%20likely%20to%20repeat%20it.