This animated video tells the story of a boy named Kahan who loves art and sees everything by looking at its shape and making comic strips about what he sees. Kahan’s classmates love his comic strips, and the way in which he draws everything in such an interesting way. One day, when a new classmate named Aria joins everyone on a bus, all the kids start making fun of him because of his size! Kahan, seeing this, decides to make a comic strip where everyone looks exactly the same shape and size, and shows it to his classmates. Kahan’s classmates tell him the comic isn’t fun at all, and not as cool as his other ones, because it looks boring when everyone is drawn in exactly the same way. Through this realization, Kahan teaches his classmates that the world is a better and more interesting place because everyone is different and unique in their own way! This video teaches kids the importance of loving one another, and themselves, for their unique body.

Awesome Bodies of All Shapes and Sizes!