The Community Health Advocacy Program (CHAP) is a student-run organization from the Brown University Program in Liberal Medical Education (PLME).


Our volunteers work cooperatively with various Rhode Island communities to promote the physical, mental, and emotional health of children and the community as a whole.


We strive to identify relevant health issues and to create STEM programs to support children in communities that are often underserved due to a variety of social, economic, and cultural barriers.

Kids with Capes


CHAP Child Health’s aim is to instill healthy habits at a young age and to foster a passion for STEM in children.


Our volunteers offer creativity, passion, and dedication while creating fun, interactive health lessons.


Previously, our volunteers delivered these lessons in person at various sites around Providence. However, due to the pandemic, we have expanded our reach to deliver this online database as well as to offer remote written/video presentations. We look forward to continuing to serve children across the country and hope to empower the youth of our nation through our new initiative!