Stretch and Dance it Out

Staying active at home and in school in a COVID-19 world (40 min)

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Topic: Fun ways to stay fit during the pandemic

Introduction: (~5 min)
We all have to stay at home right now because of COVID, and this can make it really hard to stay active and keep our bodies healthy. This lesson will help you learn how to get active at home and teach you life-long skills for doing so!

Activity 1: Simon Says Stretch! (~15 min)
Introduce the kids to the importance of stretching before exercising and also of stretching at home in between classes/ long computer activities. It is extremely important that kids keep their bodies active and this is a great way to start doing so! If you exercise without stretching first, you can hurt yourself and nobody wants that!

Next, begin a game of Simon Says with stretching as the tasks. Demonstrate each stretch for the kids as they are doing them!
You should do these after a long day on the computer!:
Eye “stretches”.
Close your eyes
Open them wide
Look at something far away x2
Look at something close by x2
Back stretches
Reach up tall (touch the sky)
Hang limp and touch the ground
Twist your hips
Neck stretches
Move your chin down, up, left, right
Roll your neck around in a circle
Roll your shoulders (forward, backward)
You should do these before you exercise to keep your body safe!:
Arm Stretches
Grab your right arm and pull it to the left
Grab your left arm and pull it to the right
Put your arms behind your back (interlock hands)
Leg Stretches
Lunge to the left
Lunge to the right
Flamingo stretch
Pigeon stretch
Sitting toe-touch
Downward dog

Activity 2: Head Shoulders Knees and Toes (~10 min)
Note: encourage kids not to actually touch their faces when doing the song!! Demonstrate alternative actions like pointing to the teacher’s eyes, ears, mouth, and nose instead.
Now that you’re all warmed up, let’s get active! Sing head shoulders knees and toes multiple times, starting slow then getting faster. Get creative and do a robot version or a super-speed round! Encourage kids to play this at home too with their families!

Activity 3: Freeze Dance (~5 min)
Dance along to this fun video! Dancing is a great and fun way to stay active, and you can dance at home too!

(If time:) Activity 4: Activity Brainstorming (~10 min)
Ask the students to raise their hands and suggest ways to stay active at home. Write their ideas on the board.

Conclusion: What did you learn? (~5 min)
It is really important that we stay active and take care of our bodies!

Materials needed:

Open space