Healthy Eating

Learn about the importance of healthy eating and a balanced nutrition (40 min)

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Topic: Eating Healthy (~40 min)

Introduction: (~10 min)
Call on each student to share their favorite food with the class! Comment afterwards about which foods were the healthiest and which were the unhealthiest.
Begin a conversation about what foods are healthy or unhealthy, as well as what foods constitute each food group (on a very basic level). Why should we care about eating healthy (discuss that food gives us energy, bad foods can hurt your body, etc)? Allow kids to raise their hands and engage in the discussion!

Activity 1: Plate Worksheet Activity (~15 min)
Pass out a copy of the plate worksheet to each student and give them a few minutes to draw a healthy meal with all 5 food groups (vegetables, fruits, dairy, meat, carbs). Draw your own plate as an example if needed. Call on 3-5 volunteers to share their plates with the class (more if time permitting).

Activity 2: Healthy Eating Videos (~10 min) (CoVideo Video 1: cookie monster talks about how healthy eating is important. Cookies may be tasty, but he also needs to eat fruits, vegetables, and meat. Video 2: Cookie monster raps! Eating healthy is fun.

Activity 3: Food Pyramid Cut Out Activity (~15 min)
Print and cut-out pictures of different foods (1 for each student). Then, randomly give out these pictures to the children. Draw out a pyramid (based on the image below) on the board. Label each food group on this pyramid. Ask the students to identify what their food is and then stick it on the pyramid in the right section. Talk to the students about why these foods belong in each group.

The food pyramid should look something like this, with each group labeled!

(If time:) Activity 4: (~5 min)
Have students raise their hands and suggest healthy snacks for after school or even meals! Write the best ideas on the board and encourage them to ask their parents for their favorite snack ideas when they get home!

Conclusion: What did you learn? (~5 min)
It is really important that we eat healthy every day and take care of our bodies!

Materials needed:

Plate Worksheet
Cutouts of foods