Halloween Safety

Tips and tricks for social distancing and staying safe during Halloween this spooky COVID season (50 min)

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Topic: Halloween Safety (during spooky COVID season)
Ages 3-5

*Before starting this lesson, please set up the candy hunt (activity 3)*

Introduction: (~10 min)
Ask the students: “Who’s excited for Halloween! Halloween is going to be different this year, but that does not mean that we can’t have fun! We just have to be safe when we are outside and trick-or-treating. What is everyone going to be for Halloween?”
Guide the children to stand up individually and tell about their costume for this year’s Halloween.
Conclude the introduction by emphasizing the importance of wearing a mask and maintaining physically distant from others while trick-or-treating.

Activity 1: Decorate Your Own Mask! (additional masks are needed) (~15 min)
Pass out one mask to each student and give them art supplies as well (glue, colored paper, stickers, markers, etc.). The supplies are very flexible so just use what is available in the classroom! Encourage the students to decorate their masks to match their halloween costumes. At the end of the activity, ask for volunteers to share their masks with the class! Emphasize that wearing masks is a fun and safe way to upgrade halloween costumes this year.

Activity 2: Halloween Safety Videos (~20 min)
Mr. Jack-o-lantern talks about how to stay safe when having halloween fun. How do we safely carve a pumpkin? How do we carefully cross the street? What are safe costumes? This funny video from 1985 goes over it all.

The following is a fun Halloween safety song! It is very short so feel free to play it twice for the class.

Activity 3: Candy Hunt (~10 min)
Before starting this activity, review social distancing rules. How far apart is 6 feet? Feel free to use objects to demonstrate this concept to the students. Place objects at different distances and ask the class “is this further than 6 feet?” Once you have reviewed this concept, reiterate that Halloween has to be different this year, but can be just as fun! Suggest that students have a candy hunt with their families instead of trick-or-treating. The concept is just like an Easter Egg hunt, where parents will hide candy around the house and the kids will have to search for it.

Hold a candy hunt for your own class to show how fun and safe it can be! Make it like a game where students can scramble to find candy but must be at least 6 feet apart or they will lose. If there are too many students in the class to safely do this, you can break them up into groups and reset the candy hunt between turns.
Conclusion: What did you learn? (~5 min)
It is important to continue to follow COVID-19 safety protocols, especially during this Halloween season. Gather the children together and ask them,
What did we learn today kids?
Can you guys show me your masks? Wow! Amazing! You guys are so talented!
What is social distancing? Can I have two volunteers to help me show what “six feet apart” looks like?
What should we do before and after eating the candy from trick-or-treating? (Wash your hands before and brushing your teeth afterwards)
Sharing is nice! But make sure that you aren’t also sharing germs. Once you open your candy, don’t share it with anyone.

***Don’t forget to remember what we did over the last couple weeks! Remember to wash your hands and make sure to brush your teeth after you eat your candy!***

Materials needed:
Disposable Masks / Printout if masks are unavailable
Colored markers and maybe stickers