Environmental Health

The Earth is our home, and we should work hard to maintain its health, just like we do our own! Our planet provides us with vast resources, such as the food we eat, the air we breathe, and so much more. This is why it’s important to learn how we can do a part in keeping it clean and healthy!

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Topic: Environmental Health

Activity 1: Garbage Walk
Outdoor Class Hike - collect trash that’s in the environment!
Competition: split the class into teams → team that collects more items wins a reward

Activity 2: Recycling
Decorate a List of Recyclable vs. Non-Recyclable Items
Supplies: poster paper, markers/colored pencils
Hang these around the classroom (most importantly, above the recycling bins) as reminders!
Split the class into two teams, each with their own recycling bin → the team to fill their bin first gets a reward.

Activity 3: Reducing Consumption (Water, Paper, Plastic, etc.)
Making PSA posters - Have students make infographics about things we can do to save water, paper, and/or plastic.
This should include some sentences from the students about why conserving is important.
These can be done on posters, paper, the blackboard, the sidewalk (with chalk), or even online through Microsoft Word.
If made on posters/paper, they can be hung up inside the classroom as friendly reminders year-round!
Examples: turning off the lights when exiting a room, not leaving the sink running while we’re brushing our teeth, using public transportation when we can, etc.
Create a Scrap Paper container for students to use for things like math, drawings, etc.
Delegate someone to decorate it / design a sign for it

Activity 4: Compost Bin (If allowed by the school)
Use a bucket or container to collect food waste. Over time this will turn into compost.
This can be followed by a gardening activity where the kids use the compost to fertilize their plants or plants on the school grounds.
This will encourage students to bring more healthy snacks to class (bananas, oranges, etc).
Alternative: Split the class into teams, each with their own compost bin. Make this a competition between the teams. The team that fills their bin first gets a reward.
Those at home can share a picture or video of their compost bin.
Composting Basics
Coffee Ground Composting

Rewards: Stickers / Punch Cards / Point System
Each time a student or team does something good for the environment, the teacher can give them a sticker for a punch card
After building up a certain number of stickers, they can use those to “buy” a bigger prize (e.g. homework pass, candy, etc.)

Conclusion: Today we learned about many fun ways that we can contribute to keeping the Earth healthy! Being environmentally conscious is very important, and it’s something we should incorporate into our daily lives, such as being more careful about turning off the lights, not leaving the sink running, and using public transportation when we can!