Dental Hygiene

Keeping your teeth clean and healthy, and what to expect when you visit the dentist (40 min)

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Topic: Dental Hygiene (~40 min)

Introduction: Q&A/Discussion Session (~10 min)
Gather the children up and have a discussion on the importance of dental hygiene. Ask the following questions:
Where are your teeth? (Point to your mouth)
What is a dentist? What do they do? (Dentists take care of our teeth and make sure that all of them are happy)
What are cavities? (Cavities are holes formed in your teeth. Whenever we eat too many sweets, germs can get into our teeth and that’s not good for us. We need to make sure that we are always brushing our teeth for two minutes twice a day.)
Do you guys brush your teeth in the day and the night?
Can someone show me how they brush their teeth with a pretend toothbrush? Awesome!
Whenever we are brushing our teeth, we take our toothbrush and only put a small amount of toothpaste on it. Then, BRUSH BRUSH BRUSH. Make sure to brush all teeth and never let the water run too! Once you are done brushing, spit out the toothpaste and rinse your mouth. Now, you have happy and healthy teeth!

Activity 1: Dental Hygiene Videos (~15 min)
Barney: Brushing your teeth song (don’t let the water run). Brushing your teeth can be fun! Make sure to brush the top row, bottom row, and in the back. But, make sure you turn off the tap when you are brushing!

Sesame street: How to act at the dentist. The dentist doesn’t have to be a scary place. You can actually have some fun there! The dentist checks your teeth, cleans them (which won’t hurt, just tickle), lets you choose flavors of toothpaste, and go up and down on his cool chair. You might even get a new toothbrush at the end.

Sesame street: Even whales brush their teeth. Mr. Whale is having a great time brushing his teeth. He knows that if he keeps them clean and healthy that means he can eat more fish!

Activity 2: Eating to Avoid Cavities (~10 min)
Hold up pictures of various foods (some healthy some not) then ask the kids to tell you whether it is good for our teeth or bad for our teeth. Make two columns on the board and work with the students to sort the pictures of the food into “Good for our Teeth” or “Bad for our Teeth” by taping them below each side.
Good for our teeth:
Bell Peppers
Bad for our teeth:
Sour Patch Kids
Jolly Ranchers
Twix (caramel)
Ice cream
Chips/ crisps

Activity 3: Worksheet (~20 min)
Students will complete a worksheet that reinforces the idea that certain foods are more likely to develop cavities on their teeth. The worksheet can be found in the packet or at this link: Week 4 Worksheet

Conclusion: What did you learn? (~5 min)

Materials needed:

Printed photos of foods (Week 4 Food Pictures)