COVID Transmission

What are the symptoms of COVID and how do you prevent transmission?

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Topic: COVID Transmission (35-45 min)

This lesson is designed for students ages 8-12. It is estimated to take around 30-45 minutes. The materials needed for this include hand washing supplies (for demonstration), mask and spray bottle (for demonstration) and a laptop for sharing a simulation. It would also be ideal for students to have their own laptops for the Skribbl game at the conclusion of our lesson.

Give overview of lesson
Explain that that this lesson’s theme is the coronavirus
Will be doing 4 fun activities
Ask each student what they know about the virus/ how it impacted their life/ check in with their mental health by asking how they feel, what activities they have been doing to keep in touch with others
Hand out sheets with fill in the blanks for students to take notes during the first three activities

Activity 1: Symptoms/Signs and Washing hands
Compare some symptoms to a cold or the flu
Fever or chills
Congestion, runny nose
Feeling tired & sore
Sore throat & coughing, difficulty breathing
Loss of taste
Even though it's similar to cold/flu, it’s more serious and dangerous
Explain how if you feel sick, you should tell mom/dad/parent/guardian as soon as possible to make sure you are healthy and safe (& protect others too)
Use glitter on hands as a representation of coronavirus
One way that coronavirus can spread is through surface contact
Demonstrate how touching a phone, doorknob, someone else’s hands can spread the virus
Glitter transfers to these surfaces
We can help to stop the spread of coronavirus through washing our hands
Rinse hands under just water & show how not much of a difference
Explain the proper way to wash hands
With soap & water
At least 20 seconds
You can sing along to different songs
Show how to wash hands thoroughly

Activity 2: Mask with Spray Bottle demonstration
**Materials: spray bottle, piece of paper,food coloring (although not necessary), face mask**
Could be pre recorded or a live demonstration
Essentially, this activity would show the effectiveness of wearing a mask in stopping the spread of covid-19; briefly remind the children that covid can spread quickly through coughs/sneezes so they can understand what the spray bottle would represent
In the first demonstration, a person would stand closely across from the paper which would represent another person. The spray bottle would then be sprayed and you’d be able to see how wet the paper would get (food coloring may make this easier to see). We would then explain that these are all potentials droplets that can transmit covid-19
Repeat process but this time stand further back from the paper so you can show how social distancing can reduce transmission levels
Repeat process a third time with a mask covering the spray bottle nozzle
The big takeaway from this is that wearing a mask & socially distancing is the best way to prevent the spread of covid-19. Covid-19 can easily travel through droplets that come from sneezing and coughing and things like social distancing and wearing a mask significantly reduce the chances of your spreading it or catching it from someone else.

Activity 4: COVID Skribbl
Online pictionary review game!
Try to have each student with their own device to play Skribbl from
When making a link, you can add a custom word bank. Here are some ideas for words to include
Hand washing
Social Distancing
Flatten the curve
Personal Protective equipment

Conclusion: What did you learn?
Reflect on what they learned and what are they going to adopt?

Materials needed:
Spray bottle