COVID Safety

COVID-19 spreads through direct contact between people, through droplets in the air (sneezing and coughing), and through contaminated surfaces. Preventing spread is a concern especially in small closed spaces, such as classrooms. It can be difficult to get children to practice good hygiene and wear their masks. Therefore, this module aims to provide teachers with ways to make COVID safety fun and engaging.

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Topic: COVID Safety Module (5-8 year olds in the classroom)

Activity 1: Hand Washing
Introduction: Washing your hands can kill germs like COVID-19 on your hands. This is why it’s important that we wash our hands frequently, such as before we eat or touch our faces and after we touch contaminated surfaces or interact with others.
Challenge kids to wash their hands (like Ice Bucket Challenge - nominate others)
Write their own 20-second hand-washing song
Rewards (e.g. candy, classroom privileges) for washing their hands a certain # of times throughout the day in appropriate situations
Hand washing punch cards → tiers of prizes for certain #s of punches (could probably also apply to mask wearing)
“Popcorn” hand washing

Activity 2: Mask Wearing
Introduction: Masks can help keep germs away from your nose and mouth. Playing with your mask or moving it makes it less effective, letting germs enter your body.
Decorating/drawing pictures on masks
Optional Prompts: spirit animal / favorite animal, favorite cartoon characters, pets, family, etc. all wearing masks
Competition? sharing/voting on who has the most creative mask
Negative reinforcement - changing tab color when caught without mask on
Positive reinforcement - extra recess time if every student can keep mask on for a period of time

Activity 3: Social Distancing
Introduction: Social distancing can decrease the chance of you contracting or spreading the virus, since the distance makes it harder for germs to travel from person to person. This is why it’s important to avoid crowded spaces!
If markers are available, have kids build six feet of markers
Outdoors: chalk circles or cones placed six feet apart - kids can do exercises / games in their circles
E.g. Simon Says
Math activity : If one meter is three feet, how many meters makes six feet? - reward for the first few kids to answer correctly

Conclusion: What did you learn?

We learned that practicing good hygiene and preventing the spread of germs is very important for our health. We also saw that social distancing, mask wearing, and hand washing are all practices that can be fun and effective if we allow them to be.

Materials needed: (optional) candy, chalk, markers, rulers